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Kham men consider themselves handsome, and take great care with their appearance. They are infallibly identified by their trademark-long hair braided with red tassels tied up around their heads.
Kham comprises the lustrous highlands with alpine forests, grassland, lakes and meadows. Cut by deep gorges and surrounded by snow-capped mountains.
In summer, Kham and Amdo nomad live with their animals on the fertile grassland at an average altitude of 3,500 meters, live in black tents made of yak hair.
Known as the roof of the world, Tibet is famous for its sites like Potala Palace and Mt. Everest; however, most people do not know that Tibet actually comprises 3 parts: U-Tsang (Lhasa area), Kham (western Sichuan) and Amdo (Qinghai province). While U-Tsang is famous for its religion, Kham is noted for its sturdy and handsome people and Amdo is reputable for its nomadic pictures of the best quality yaks, sheep and horses on vast pasture. Taking up half of territory and population of Tibet that vary in many regards, Kham and Amdo offer a great spectrum of impressive landscapes and traditions. A Kham and Amdo tour is the best alternative when U-Tsang is closed for various reasons.
Itinerary Brief:

Day 1: Chengdu-Hailuogou National Glacier Forest Park, 310 KM
Day 2: Hailuogou National Glacier Forest Park-Tagong, 190 km
Day 3: Tagong-Danba. 140 km
Day 4: Danba-Siguniang Mountains-Rilong town. 115 km
Day 5: Rilong town-Mt.Jiajinshan-Chengdu, 360 KM
Day 6: Chengdu Panda Base-Next destination, 50 KM

 If you have only 5 or 6 days in Chengdu, do not always think of Jiuzhaigou, Leshan Giant Buddha and Mt. Emei, those famous but very touristy places. In the western part of Sichuan (Kham), lie many hidden gems attractions that seldom known to the outsiders because of its rugged land. It costs more than 20 days to cover Kham, but in this little circuit near Chengdu, we will show you the most famous mountains, distinctive monasteries and interesting folks in western part of Sichuan. 

Price From:
$637 p/p

Tour Length
6 Days


 All year around

Itinerary Brief:

Day 1: Flight or train to Lanzhou, transfer to Xiahe. 250 km
Day 2: Full day visit of Labrang Monastery.
Day 3: Xiahe-Tongren. 110 km
Day 4: Tongren-Xining. 190 km
Day 5: Transfer to Xining train station or airport, tour ends

Amdo is most famous for its religion and livestock. 2 of the 6 most important Gelupa sect (yellow hat) monasteries are in this area while the other 4 are near Lhasa. And the best grass on the roof of the world is in this area, so the yaks, horses and sheep here are of the best quality too. Through this tour, we will show you the best pictures of religion and nomadic life of Amdo.

Price From:
$503 p/p

Tour Length
5 Days


 All year around

Itinerary Brief:
D1: Flight or Train to Xining
D2: Xining-Tongren: 230 km driving distance
D3: Tongren-Xiahe: 110 km driving distance
D4: Xiahe-Langmusi: 190 km driving distance
D5: Langmusi-Ruoergai-XisuoVillage: 400 km driving distance
D6: Xisuo village-Danba: 200 km driving distance
D7: Danba-Tagong-Xindujiao-Kangding 220 km driving distance
D8: Kangding-Luding-Niubei Mountain, 110 km driving distance
D9: Niubei Mountain-Chengdu, 330 km driving distance
D10: Chengdu Panda Base tour & See-off transfer service

This discovery tour into kham and Amdo allows you to discover the hidden gem of an unknown Tibet to the westerns. A Tibet tour without Potala Palace and Mt. Everest can be rewarded by a vast pasture and mountain paradise virtually untouched, where the religion, culture, tradition and people remain also more genuine.

Price From:
$837 p/p

Tour Length
10 Days


 All year around