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Tibet tour from Jakarta, Indonesia is easy and cheap.

Tibet tour from Jakarta, Indonesia is easy and cheap.

Chengdu, the capital city of Sichuan province, is known as the hub-city for tourists to travel to Tibet thanks for its convenient domestic transportation system linking Lhasa. It not only has a direct train to Lhasa each other day, but also more than 7 direct flights to Lhasa daily. So, if you find your way to Chengdu, which means you are at gate of Tibet too.

Currently, there is no direct flight from Jakarta to Chengdu, and also the most convenient and cheap option is to fly by AirAisa to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and then connect another flight by AirAisa too bound to Chengdu, the air ticket could be very cheap if book early. 

What follow are 5 steps with pictures tell you how to travel to Tibet from Jakarta

Step one:
Search and contact a reliable Tibet tour operator with office in Lhasa and Chengdu; ask Tibet travel permit rules and schedule a good time for your Tibet tour.

Step two:
Book your Jakarta-Kula Lumpur-Chengdu flight early with Air Asia, early bookings saves you much money. 

Step three:
Apply for the Chinese visa in time, generally you can start 3 months in advance, one-entry tourist visa is ok; note that when you apply for the visa, better not mention your Tibet tour plan in the visa application letter, just say you will visit some Chinese cities only otherwise it will be more difficult to get the visa approved.

Step four: 
Send your passport and Chinese visa scan copies by email to your Tibet tour operator at least 15 days before your tour starts, because they need about 10 days to finish all the permit application procedures. 

Step five:
Fly to Chengdu, meet your Tibet tour operator in Chengdu and get your Tibet travel permit from them. You can choose to visit Chengdu several days before going to Lhasa or start your Tibet tour directly after meeting depends on your schedule.  

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