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China Eastern Airline Launches New Air Route from Chengdu to Lhasa

According to the officials at the China Eastern Airline, from the 8th, July, the airline will launch a new air route between Chengdu and Lhasa that so far only dominated by the Air China and the Sichuan Airline. According to the schedule, the new flight departs Chengdu at 9:25 AM and arrives in Lhasa at 11:15 AM. And, it will head back at 12:00 while arrive in Chengdu at 13:55 PM. It is said that the China Eastern Airline has been applying for operating this route for many years but always denied for one reason or another. It is until this month that the Chinese General Administration of Civil Aviation just approved the airline's application.

With the approaching of the peak season at Tibet tourism, the demand of air tickets now becomes very hot, not only happens to cities like Xi'an, Beijing or Chongqing that only got one or two direct flights to Lhasa per day, but also applies to Chengdu that enjoys more than 6 or 7 direct flights per day to Lhasa. Now, even with the participation of the China Eastern Airline, the price of air ticket from Chengdu to Lhasa seldom offers discount as the demand still remain very large. But we can speculate that maybe the competition now has started.

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