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Cheng Lhasa Train will depart from Chengdu East Train Station within 2011

Scheduled to open on 8th May 2011, the new Chengdu East Railway Station is part of the transportation hub in eastern Chengdu. Five times the size of the Chengdu North Railway Station (the major train station now), the new station boasts five storey with 14 platforms and 26 tracks.

Especially, the Chengdu East Train Station will serve as the departure station for Chengdu to Lhasa Train within 2011. The exact date is not uncertain so far.

The construction of the largest integrated passenger transport hub in West China has taken two years.

The second and third basement floors which house the stations for Metro Line 2 and Metro Line 7 are still under construction. Recently, there have been 32 new roadsnear the East Railway Station improved its accessibility.

Departure Hall

The departure hall is similar to that of an airport, with the electronic display board showing information in Chinese and English and artificial palm trees planted around.

Chengdu East Train Station's water dispenser has four outlets, for cold, lukewarm, warm and boiling water, to better serve passengers.

Getting Around

From the platform on the first storey, passengers who have just arrived can enter Basement 1, after which, heading in the East Plaza's direction gets them to buses, taxis or coaches, without having the exit the railway station. To get onto either of the to-be-opened Metro lines, passengers are to head for the West Plaza.

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